Don't Drop The Ball! And Other League Tips

Don't Drop The Ball! And Other League Tips

Look, the reality is that bowling balls can do quite a bit of damage to surfaces that they come in contact with. You're less likely to damage the ball itself. But you really don’t want to try it, ok?

You may have heard that joke about the surprised bowler. When you butterfingers the ball, bad things can happen.

You're going to get ejected from the lane if you smash up the flooring. Ditto for a friend's house, or anywhere else that you end up sending a bowling ball down to connect with what's underneath.

We interrupt this lesson in Newtonian gravity to talk about some of the economic and cool alternatives you can get from Discount Bowling Supply. We have the best gear around, and we can prove it! Just take a look.

Bowling Balls and Gear
We know that bowlers like to show off their duds, and turn heads with their balls, carrying cases, and other gear. That part of the culture around this time-honored tradition. You want to make an impression on the lanes, in more ways than one.

For example, take a look at our KR strikeforce shoe, which revolutionizes your look on the lanes as you move down for the release.

Or check out our line of Counter Attack balls that can really hook! When you “pull your piece (ball) out on the lanes) people pay attention! Go for the X with a ball that you can rely on, frame after frame.

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