Tips to Make Your Bowling Shoes Slide

Tips to Make Your Bowling Shoes Slide

While skill is a big part of bowling, luck comes into play, as well. While this is true, there’s one thing that can help boost both – your bowling shoes.

The shoes you wear impact the last steps of your approach, which means the way they slide on the floor is a crucial aspect of your game.

If your bowling shoes don’t properly and easily slide, they may break your flow and doom your game. While several issues may cause this problem, there are a few things you can do to improve how well your shoes slide.

Purchase Quality Shoes That Fit Well
You need to purchase bowling shoes that fit you well. The proper fit will impact your shoe performance and how they slide.

Quality shoes are also comfortable to wear, provide suitable floor grip, and ensure an efficient slide. If the shoes are loose, the grip you have on the floor will be unstable or unsafe.

After buying a new pair of bowling shoes, take time to break them in. You may need a few sessions for them to slide properly.

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